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Use of 3D Modeling in Product Design

3D model is a best multifunctional tool that helps manufacturers and designers first design, and then creates finally market and sells their products.

Showcasing a product in 3D is the best alternative for a spectacular presentation of a new product design or idea to other company members or potential customers. It allows quick changes in the case when new ideas cross the mind and require minor or even major alterations.

3D modeling increases opportunities for the products marketing campaign because 3D models can be animated to show all abilities and featured of a product or even can be used in interactive applications allowing potential customers to interact with the product model, rotate it or also reassemble and disassemble. Moreover, information stored in a 3D model can be used to automate almost any production process. Below we will discuss 6 Reason why to use of 3D Modeling in Product Design.

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6 Reasons Why to Use of 3D Modeling in Product Design

1. Prototyping

3D models are used to create a product prototype to evaluate its design concept, manufacturing costs, details, etc. Approach for producing a product prototype is truly flexible: the 3D model can be created either from a hand drawing, from a 2D sketch or even from an idea allowing the 3D designer to efficiently work on product design and refine the model without creating any additional sketches demonstrating product from different views.

2. Precise Measurements

Modern 3D modeling software allows demonstrating the size of a product relative to other known objects. It real scale of products allows potential customers imagines how a small or large product will be when it is finished.

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3. All Angles View

A 360-degree view of the product model allows viewing product from all the angles, seeing the smallest details of it, and better preparing for production. Three-dimensional view of a product is essential for almost all production stages and is definitely required for presentation of the product. Interactive 3D presentations allow the users zooming the product in and out rotate it and view from different angles for better visual expression.

4. Marketing and Promotion

Photo-realistic production-ready 3D models can be easily inserted in any presentation, commercial or advertising real for the promotion of the product. An increasing number of companies has already benefited from 3D content in their marketing campaigns and sales promotions.

5. Eye-Catching Animation

Quality animation (Product Animation) of a product can come as a surprise ensuring success to the marketing campaign. It can showcase what the product can do and what the customers will get once the product is ready for use.

6. Production

3D modeling is the best option for automating the manufacturing processes. A 3D model stored data can be transmitted directly to machinery allowing to start production with pinpoint accuracy automatically.