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Storyboard in Animation

Planning is essential before making any video, be it a training video or any short online business video.

Creating a storyboard is the most important stages of planning a video.

What is a Storyboard in Animation?

A storyboard is a graphical representation of how and what the video contain shot wise.

It consists of a number of squares in a sequence with illustrations or a picture representing each shot, with a description of what kind of script is all about during the shooting.

Need of Storyboard in Animation

Creating a storyboard requires additional work in the process of video making for the business.

Below are the three reasons why storyboard in animation is important during video making:

3 Importance of Storyboard in Animation Video Making

Storyboard in Animation

1. Best Way To Express Vision

  • A visual aid makes it easier to share and explain the vision of video with others.
  • Using storyboard, one can demonstrate exactly how different scenes are going to be mapped and how it will look like.
  • It makes very easier for other people to understand your idea.

2. Makes Production Much Easier

  • Storyboard for a video means creating a plan for making a video including all the shots which will be required the order in which they will be laid out and how the visuals will be interrelated with the script.
  • The storyboard is a starting point around which one can plan the coverage. It actually comes in handy at the time of making a video as it ensures nobody will forget any scenes and helps to bring all roles together for the video according to the vision.

3. Saves Time

  • While it may take time to put storyboard together, it helps to save time in the long run at the time of revisions later.
  • It helps in explaining the vision as well as making the creation process goes smoothly.

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Important Steps in Storyboard

  1. It is essential to show what is happening in the scenes, which characters are in the scene and how the general framing will look like.
  2. Take notes and lines from the script and insert them after scene or illustration describing what is happening in each frame.
  3. Your storyboard should look like a comic book so that readers can get an idea of what exactly will happen in the video.
  4. Various camera position, angles and movement, transitions between shots and other details can be added that will be useful during production and post-production.

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Storyboarding can seem a long process at first, but it’s a vital part of video making process. It can help envision the ideas, assuring what you are suggesting, and it helps the production and editing team to execute the vision while saving time.