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Bollywood and Hollywood films use VFX to produce impressive effects & realistic environments in films. Through visual effects, the designers can make interesting things happen in movies – natural disasters, superpowers, bomb blasts, flying objects, etc. they are difficult or impossible to shoot in real life.

India is already showing that it can provide the talent and entrepreneurial drive in animation and VFX industry with companies that played a major role in the production of films like Life of Pi and Avatar. Movies such as RaOne and Krish in the Indian film industry has made use of animation and VFX techniques in large scale. Not only in film industry but there are many other opportunity by obtaining career in VFX.

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Career Prospects in Visual Effects

VFX industry in India is growing. Visual Effects has several components, and there is a demand for experts in each of these fields. Some of the popular VFX courses include 3D Animation, Camera Tracking, Painting, Rotoscoping, Rendering and Compositing & Editing.

In the recent years, more and more movie producers have used VFX as a story-telling tool. International film producers have also started tapping into the talented pool of VFX experts in India.

In general, talented Visual Effects experts who have the right technical skills and artistically endowed are much in demand and are paid handsomely.

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Career in VFX Offers

Students studying in this field have the opportunity to work in varied areas. We now see images on and in many ways and many formats from movies, television, computers, smart phones to even billboards. All these commercial films, games, and images will have had some visual effect treatment added to them. Continuing expansion of VFX area offers career opportunities in film and television production, games development and web content creation.

How Can a Fresher Establish a Foothold in VFX Field?

As with any creative industry, competition between peers is always strong. Commercial companies are always looking out for raw artistic talent alongside students who might not have the best show reel but have a passion for working in this area. The VFX covers a whole course of different roles and career prospects. A student must be determined to stick it out. Also, there are plenty of forums available online to put up your work on and gain visibility.

Visual effects cover such things as:

  • Creating entirely virtual shots
  • Changing the background
  • Creating the background
  • Adding objects or props
  • Removing objects
  • Obscuring objects
  • Adding actors, characters or creatures
  • Changing actors
  • Specialized speed changes
  • Fixing problems on the set, adding eye effects, removing wig netting, etc.
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Maac Ahmedabad Offers Career Course in VFX

Maac Ahmedabad offers a well-rounded and balanced syllabus giving him/ her firm grounding in the principles of VFX. It should enable them to work with industry standard software with the quality film-studio facilities for gaining the knowledge and ability to work professionally in the VFX as well as in the animation industry.

VFX course concentrates on building a career in composting and editing by using high ended Software like After Effects, Premier, Photoshop, Silhouette, Ray Fire, Premiere, PFTrack, Mocha, Houdini and Fusion and 3Ds Max. VFX Course helps students to make high-end Visual Effects for film, Television and Studios.

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Career in VFX option you can look for after doing course includes Compositor, FX Artist, Match Moving Artist, Motion Graphics Artist, Rotoscopy Artist, Lighting Artist, Matte Painter, Pre-visualization Artist, Stereoscopy Artist and Clean-up Artist in reputed companies.